StarBand is an intermediate satellite internet provider. The service is part of an older generation of satellite internet, and subsequently, falls behind other high-speed satellite internet providers in terms of speed and data allowance. However, it's still worth considering if your only alternative for internet access is a sluggish dial-up modem.

StarBand's download and upload speeds are drastically slower than the other satellite internet services on our lineup. The maximum download speed you'll experience with this service is 1.5 Mbps with its premium package and only 512 Kbps (about half a megabyte) is available through the basic package. Still, this is quite a bit faster than a dial-up connection. If that's what you've been using, you'll experience a noticeable speed boost with StarBand.

All satellite internet providers track your bandwidth usage, which means the amount of data you transfer. Of all the services on our lineup, StarBand offers the smallest data allowance, ranging from 1GB to 5GB of anytime bandwidth depending on the package you select. However, it does not meter usage between midnight and 6 a.m., so if you are a night owl or an early riser, you can take advantage of the unlimited bandwidth and do your heavy internet viewing then. StarBand also provides a download manager, so you can program downloads, whether movies or system upgrades, for this unmetered time.

If you travel a lot, StarBand does have features for you that some of the other satellite internet service providers lack. First, it allows you to pay a lower subscription rate during the months you are not at home. This allows you to keep the service while saving money. Even better, however, is that StarBand offers mobile satellite internet service. If you have an RV or boat, you can take StarBand with you and stay connected.

Another benefit of StarBand is that you can choose between a one- or two-year service contracts, although you receive a greater discount on your monthly fee if you sign up for two years. All other internet satellite providers require a minimum two-year service agreement.

The service comes with five e-mail accounts, each with 7GB of storage, but it doesn't offer bundled discounts with television or phone services nor does it have a 30-day return policy where you can cancel service within the first 30 days without incurring any penalty fees. However, this isn't unusual among satellite internet providers.

This internet satellite provider does not provide 24/7 technical support. To speak with an actual representative, you have to call during regular business hours, which could be an issue if you experience connectivity issues during off-peak hours.

StarBand Summary:

With its limited anytime bandwidth, speeds and technical support hours, StarBand isn't the best satellite internet provider out there. However, its unlimited bandwidth during off hours, mobile satellite internet feature and notable one-year contract option make the service worth looking into if you are upgrading from a dial-up connection.



StarBand allows unlimited internet use between midnight and 6 a.m. and offers mobile satellite internet.

The service has drastically slower speeds than its competitors do.

The Verdict:

StarBand is the slowest of satellite internet service providers, but it's worth looking into if you are upgrading from dial-up or if you want to take your service with you in an RV or boat.