dishNET Review

PROS / dishNET offers service bundles for satellite internet, television and phone, and discounts its monthly fees for bundling.

CONS / dishNET does not include email accounts in its service.

VERDICT / dishNET is a great satellite internet provider, but it is especially worth looking into if you want satellite television as well or are already a Dish Network subscriber.

Dish Network's dishNET brings high-speed internet connections to rural residents who are underserved, or not served at all, by wired broadband. dishNET delivers decent speeds, enticing packages and bundle discounts. If you live near the middle of nowhere, our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award recipient for satellite internet can get you connected to the online world.

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  1. The average download speed based on data from multiple sources.
    Higher is better
  2. 3 dishNET
    7 Mbps
  3. 1 Exede
    17 Mbps
  4. 8 Mbps
  5. Category Average
    529.60 Mbps

Speeds & Threshold

Although dishNET doesn't boast the highest speeds of the satellite internet providers in our lineup, the speeds will seem downright blazing compared to a sluggish dial-up connection. The service's entry package gets you up to 5 Mbps for downloading and an upload speed up to 1 Mbps. You'll get double the speed with the premium package – up to 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. With these speeds, latency can be an issue for online gaming; in fact, even the best satellite internet service providers warn that their services are not optimal for player vs. player games. However, dishNET should be more than sufficient for daily web browsing, emailing and media streaming.

dishNET offers competitive bandwidth thresholds. Like most satellite internet services, this one distinguishes between anytime bandwidth and nighttime bandwidth. Depending on the package you select, dishNET allots you 10GB to 30GB of total bandwidth.

Service Features

dishNET provides most of the other features we looked for in satellite broadband services. A download manager helps you schedule downloads to occur during off-peak hours, when you use the least amount of bandwidth. The standout feature of this satellite internet service is its bundling discounts. If you bundle your satellite internet with Dish Network's satellite television, the service discounts your monthly fees.

As a forerunner among satellite television, Dish Network's bundled services are highly attractive if your only option for television and high-speed internet is wireless satellite services. This company also offers internet phone service, so you can get all your communications needs filled by one provider, which is convenient for billing and dealing with technical issues.

dishNET falls short in a few minor areas. It has stopped offering email services, as the company found most people use third-party services like Gmail or Hotmail. There is no 30-day money-back guarantee for service. To be fair, only one satellite internet service provider offers such a warranty.

Some of the features it offers with television do not apply to internet. For example, you cannot suspend your internet service if you are away from home for a long time, such as on extended vacations or seasonal moves. It also does not have mobile internet ability, although it advertises this for TV. So, if you bundle services, remember that internet does not always go where your television service does.

Help & Support

Befitting such a large and well-known service provider, Dish Network provides comprehensive and useful help and support options. If you experience issues with your connection or satellite equipment, you can get immediate technical support via telephone, email or live chat. Additionally, you can browse product manuals, a knowledgebase and FAQs online.

Dish Network's customer service representatives were friendly and helpful in answering all of our questions without aggressively trying to upsell us. However, we did find the representatives working the chat function could not answer questions about their own plans and had to redirect us to telephone support each time we communicated with them.


dishNET brings its experience with satellite television, thorough help and support, and excellent bundling options for television and phone to satellite internet services. Although not the fastest of services, if you reside in a rural area its satellites reach, this is an appealing option.

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